• Artist Listening Session

    (..it’s like an artist talk, but opposite.) The public is invited to discuss new paintings by Bradley Flora during a community critique of the show facilitated by the artist on October 14th, 2018, from 7-9pm at Motherfools, 1101 Williamson Street Madison, WI. Free gift for all participants (while supplies last). The show titled simply paintings by b.flora runs …

  • Landscape Portfolio (2018)


  • “LAMENTATIONS” Kreuser Gallery, April 2015 An Exhibition of 3′ x 4′ Architectural Prints

    LAMENTATIONS is an exhibition of 6 digital photographs, shown as 3′ x 4′ architectural prints, in which I captured photos of something beautiful, yet also terrible, and then pinned them to the wall like trophies. Presented as raw paper, nailed up, and then each given their own wall, these photos present visual commentary on the state …

  • Photojournalism

    All photos taken while on assignment for the Colorado Springs Independent.